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Turned up with the present world’s dynamism we seek an international experience that may help us expand our activities and ensure the necessary resources needed to contribute in the best possible way in the achievement of results. In this sense, we’re organised to give a global operational support trough our triple AAA program. Advise, Acceleration and Alliances.



Briefly, we develop a plan that generates results throught the management of resources and activities that will determine and satisfy people who make use of our client’s products of services.

To add information and
strategic action in the arcas
of communication, marketing
and business management is
the mission and speciality of
Market & Co.

The strategic actions originate from the development of a Marketing Plan, which has the main objective of establishing a management plan for a product or service and point out the specific results and determine how they can be achieved. It is essencial to determine the goals to be achieved, which are defined by the analysis of points in flavour and points agains and specially of the opportunities and threats. This plan, with its decisions and activities, must be oriented to the consumer, meeting his expectations of what he wants, when he wants, where, how and how much he is willing to play for it.

The management of the plan and of all the team envolved, is a determining factor of success, and because of that, we give special attention to the conducting of the activities.

Our work consists of the creative judgement and of the directing of the company’s resources in order to meet specific profitable goals, through the inovative satisfaction of the consumer’s needs.


Counting with a wide information network spread through strategic areas, Market & Co. Alliances cares about giving the most complete international assistance, aiming to give all the necessary support for the market development of its clients and partners, as well as qualifying them to face the globalization of the economies. In the first year of activities of this division, we established a partnership with two companies, worldwide leaders in ther market segments and attended Philips Consumer Electronics (Holland) in the evaluation of the Brazilian market for multi-media educational softwares. Research System Corporation, an American and world-wide leader company of advertisement research has Market & Co. as her ally for the conquering of the Brazilian and Latin American markets. Fabbriche Riunite Metalli SpA, another world-wide leader in the production of raw materials started to receive MARKET & CO.’S support in 1994 and become leader in Brazil in 1998. Others global companies establish alliances with MARKET & CO. like Arquati Spa, Api Foils, Api Holographic, Klaser Technology, Kolon, Nakai, Radium Bronze, The Networkone, Columbus Media, Textappeal, DP System and many others.

for the business management

Concerns a division specialized on Business
Management turned to companies interested in
prospecting alternative sources of raw material or
in locating new markets for its products or services.

Our objetive is to act in
partnership with our clients
in the conquering of markets,
in the relationship with the
public and in the positioning
for the future.

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